Or at least that's what some German politicians, including the federal Environment and Traffic ministers want to include as mandatory in the near future. The sticker, called Klimapass (climate-passport), should have information about the impact of the vehicle in the environment, specifically CO2 tailpipe emissions.

The color-coded system would include two color-coded bars. One for the impact of the car when empty (probably with the driver) and a second one at full load. The colors would range from red (bad) to green (good). This system would make easy for consumers to compare different vehicle choices.

The bill is going to be debated in the two parliaments soon, although the current federal minister of Economic Affairs wants to introduce a vehicle class differentation. Environmentalists rejected this plan because it would favour big vehicles. The German Vehicle Manufacturers Association said that there was no sense in such a federal plan and aims at European standardization.

[Source: Welt am Sontag via AutoPresse]

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