Tesla VP takes on sacrifice and leadership

On this Memorial Day weekend in the United States we are supposed to be honoring those who have sacrificed their lives defending this country. Tesla Motors Vice-President of Marketing Darryl Siry takes on sacrifice and leadership in a post his personal blog. In past times of war people have always been asked to pitch in in some way to help the effort.
But not this time. Instead of encouraging people to drive more efficient vehicles our politicians are trying to figure out why gas prices are so high. Politicians figure high gas prices will cost them more votes in the next election than making real progress on moving away from petroleum will buy. Unfortunately they are probably right and American drivers have no one to blame but themselves when it costs them $100 or more to fill the tank of their SUV.

If you really want to support the troops this Memorial Day, consider getting rid of the SUV and getting something more efficient. Before you head out to the mall, think about all the places you need to go and plan your errands to consolidate your trips. Make some changes in your life that will help eliminate our dependence on a part of the world where our troops are getting killed on a daily basis.

[Source: Horseless Age]

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