Gallons of fuel vs. cups in the drive vs. mass transit commute debate

There are many ways to skin a cat, and plenty ways to talk about moving people around. A company called First Transit, which runs public transportation systems for municipalities across America (see their map here) put out a press release last week that asks this question: 2 Gallons a Day, or 2 Cups a Day?

Those numbers are the difference between "An average American commuting to and from work in their SUV" versus "the same person making the same commute on a transit bus." It's a pretty compelling visual image of just how much fuel we can use in a day. The full press release is at the "Read" link.

I chose the picture above (from Flickr) because, yeah, it has a bus in it, but it also shows a form of transportation that uses even less fuel per commute. Two cups of coffee, maybe.

[Source: First Transit]

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