Take Volvo's CO2 Challenge

Volvo has introduced a nifty little 'game' on their website who's purpose it is to educate us mere mortals about which fuel types emit the most CO2. First you pick which fuel types you want to know the stats on. When you click 'Start,' it shows each car with its specified fuel type run around a maze (with authentic traffic noise in the background - ooohh... ahhh...). Each car stops when it has discharged 10 kg of carbon dioxide. What's interesting about the calculation is that it includes not only the CO2 discharged when the fuel is combusted in the engine, but also the CO2 produced in the extraction, production and distribution of the fuel. I won't spoil it for you, so see if you can guess which one wins.

After the 'course' is run, you see the results of the different fuel types of the cars you've chosen, or you can look at the results from all of them. After that, for an "In-depth analysis," it will show you the CO2 produced specifically in "Well to Tank" and "Tank To Wheel" phases of the fuel's life cycle.

Making learning this information fun is one of the key steps to global awareness necessitating change. Props to Volvo for taking the initiative (but don't think we didn't notice that those cars are S80s). Click "Which way is the future?" for a nice little P.S.A.

[Source: Volvo, Thanks for the tip, Sarah T.]

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