We've all taken to calling them the Big 2.5 - and I think we have ourselves to thank for that - and here's Lee Iacocca to tell us why that is. Certainly an authority on Chrysler, he has a unique and casual perspective on the company. He says he wished he had the money to buy it when it went up for sale because - get this - "... it's a good buy."

According to him, comparatively, Chrysler has low production costs and if it were making small cars, it would be pulling in steady profits and building back its reputation.

Of course, Iacocca isn't just here trying to save the automotive world. He's on Charlie Murphy's Rose's show to promote his new book, "Where Have All the Leaders Gone?", which he comically answers himself, "Some of them died." The book appears to be a lecture on the automotive industry as well as a discussion of America's tastes and how they need to change, plus his personal political views. If you know something about the book, or if you are personally reading it already, drop some comments so the rest of us that are too busy to sit down for a good read can hear about what he has to say.

[Source: Google Video, Thanks for the tip, Linton!]

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