E-Vehicles: Adding stickers to the window sticker

Car shopping is sometimes a bit of a nightmare - and not only because of salesman. Some people do their homework and get most of the information ready beforehand, but many just arrive at the dealer lot and choose without paying much attention. And when deciding about fuel economy, it can be really difficult to take in consideration a comparison between EPA ratings.

In order to help customers to know if a vehicle is efficient, or a least less bad for the environment, AutoWest and Power Auto Group (members of AutoNation) are introducing a new system in order to label cars called the E-Vehicles program. This system will mark cars with a green, leaf-shaped E-Vehicle logo (the additional sticker) if that produce at least 28 miles-per-gallon or delivers 10 percent better fuel efficiency than the average for their vehicle class.

A similar system, called F-Vehicles, will label with a yellow, leaf-shaped logo cars and trucks that make use of flex fuel or ethanol-based technology. Both systems were developed by AutoNation together with Edmunds.com.

Among the most in-demand models are the Toyota Prius, the Honda Civic Hybrid, the midsize Chevy Malibu and the Mercedes-Benz Diesel. Best-in-class E-Vehicles include the Toyota Tacoma pick-up, the Ford Escape Hybrid SUV and the Dodge Grand Caravan minivan

[Source: AutoNation]


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