Diesels purring quietly, plotting their upcoming expansion in the American market

None of the diesels that will be sold in the near future in America will be able to go 300+ mph like the Dieselmax that Ricardo helped to build last year, but the company is still predicting that soon (that is, by 2012) Americans will buy 1.5 million diesel vehicles a year. The factors leading to this move are upcoming higher fuel economy standards, cheaper cost of diesels vs. hybrids, and emissions standards-meeting clean diesel. This prediction comes in a report called "Is Diesel set to boom in the US?" that Ricardo is releasing with UBS. Combined diesel and hybrid sales should reach 2.7 million units, the report says. So, do the math, that means they think diesel sales will be higher than hybrid sales. Compared to the whole market, the two forecast that combined diesel and hybrid gasoline will make up 15 percent of the U.S. light vehicle market by 2012.
[Source: Ricardo]

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