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National gas price average to hit $3.50? Wanna bet?

Someone was asking the other day if trading their gas-hungry Mustang for a hybrid Civic was a good idea. Essentially what they wanted to do was wager gas prices were not going down any time soon and could likely go higher. But you don't have to give up high-horsepower driving just to place a bet on future pump prices. will let you keep the 'Stang by taking your bet that we'll soon see a $4-a-gallon national average. Right now, neither yes or no is favored, both with money lines of -120 for an average gas price above $3.50 before 2008.

Or maybe you like a long shot. In that case, the site will take your wager on whether the Earth will run out of oil by 2050. Pessimists could make out nicely if the wells dry up in few years with a $100 bet earning $1,000. Even longer odds are on gas prices going lower. If scientists announce tomorrow a $4 gadget allowing your car to run on household waste (Mr. Fusion, anyone?) and the average national gas price plummets to less than $1 a gallon, your $100 bet earns you $15,000. That's a lot of cheap beer and banana peels for your future Delorean.

Cha ching!

[Source: BetUS]

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