Morbid Merchandise: JFK hearse to be auctioned

The JFK assassination was one of the most memorable moments in American history, and as of yesterday, a very large part of that history will be up for grabs on eBay. The 1964 Cadillac Miller & Meteor Hearse that carried President Kennedy's body was seen by of millions of people when JFK was driven to Love field, and now your neighbors can see it in your front yard. Included in the eBay auction is what is said to be the last known remaining original death certificate, which had errors that were later corrected and resulted in another certificate being issued. The hearse failed to sell in a May 5th auction, but bidding did go as high as $900,000.

We could see why an item like this would be a big draw at a museum or car show, but why an individual would want a hearse is beyond us. What's the selling point? "Hey, check out my hearse. Do you want to lay in the same spot as JFK's dead body?" Maybe we'd think differently if we had $1,000,000 to throw at a piece of Americana, but we don't.

[Source: eBay Motors via Sports Car Market]

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