Frequent AutoblogGreen tipster Linton has begun uploading some cool Green Car video clips to YouTube.
This one is a nice flashback clip of the Ford Model U, a concept introduced in 2003, before AutoblogGreen was around. That's why there's not a lot here on our site about this soy- and corn-based component, hydrogen-powered vehicle. But the video clip shows that media excitement about a cool and green concept vehicle is not at all limited to cars like the Volt. It'll be fun to watch as the next four years pass and we look back to see whether the Chevy Volt remains fodder for flashback posts or if it's a car we've put through the paces in the AutoblogGreen Garage.

We'll be featuring more of Linton's videos as he continues to upload them. And, to everyone, keep those tips coming.

[Source: YouTube]

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