VIDEO: Renaultsport trio at Barcelona

How much does a supermini hatchback have in common with an F1 car? Ostensibly speaking, not much at all. Four wheels and the presence of some sort of engine... that's about where it ends. Unless, of course, the hatchbacks and open-wheelers come from Renaultsport, the French automaker's competition department.

As we've pointed out before, while other automakers on the grid apply their grand prix expertise to the most exclusive high-performance exotics (Ferrari and McLaren come to mind), Renault puts the know-how on the road with their hot hatches. And they're the hottest hatches in the business, to be sure, but it's still a bit of a stretch. So to help close the distance, Renault has given us this artfully-produced video featuring the Megane Renaulsport R26 and Clio RS R27 at Spain's Catalunya track with Heikki Kovalainen behind the wheel of this season's R27 race car.

Shame we can't buy any of them on American shores....

[Source: Renault]

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