The hidden hybrid PR coup

We've all seen the assorted tinsletown glitterati rolling up to award shows and premiers in their shiny new hybrids. Some of them like Ed Begley, Jr. and Darryl Hannah are genuine greenies. Others not so much. So why do so many celebrities show up in Priuses instead of stretched limos when the cameras are turned on? Look no further than the EMA.
EMA is a non-profit that is funded at least in part by Toyota and Lexus, CNN reports. The Japanese company has spent about $100,000,000 marketing their hybrid technology over the past decade with at least some of that money going to convince the likes of Pierce Brosnan, Blythe Danner, and Ted Turner to show up in their products. So far Toyota is still well ahead in their promotional efforts compared to the Europeans like Mercedes and Volkswagen that are pushing new diesels but that may change in the next year as many of the new BlueTec diesels hit the streets.

[Source: CNN]

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