Nissan bringing 3 minis to US market in 2008

As gas prices hit $3.60 a gallon in southeast Michigan this week the coming onslaught of mini-cars appears to be growing. The latest to jump into the fray appears to be Nissan with plans to bring over three minis from Japan starting in the second half of 2008. First out the chute should be the redesigned version of the Cube which has been on sale in the Japan for several years already.

According the Japanese paper Nikkei, at least one of the minis is likely to be priced under $10,000. The new Cube is evidently being designed for sales in North America and possibly Europe in addition to Asia. We already know that Ford is bringing the US a model based on the Mazda2, GM will likely bring out a model based on one of the Triplets and Chrysler is trying to finalize a deal with Chery to produce a small car in China. With Smart, and possibly Toyota in the mix, we will have all kinds of choices in the next couple of years.

[Source: MotorAuthority]

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