Longtime Toyota supplier Denso has developed some new components for the updated hybrid drive system on the Lexus LS600h. The new power control unit (PCU) and battery cooling system are designed to meet the higher performance demands of the $100,000+ luxury and sedan and maintain the serene cabin environment that LS has always been known for. If you've ever driven an LS you'll know it's like sitting in a living room. A very quiet living room. It's definitely not a driver's car since the driver is completely isolated from the environment.

If you check most hybrid vehicles you'll almost always find an extra air intake somewhere in the cabin for pulling in air to cool the battery. To reduce the interior noise level on the LS Denso has devised a system to use the rear seat air conditioning system to provide chilled air to cool the battery so that less airflow is required from the cabin. Oh, by the way did you know The LS has a separate air condition system for the rear seats? Denso has also developed a new power control unit that bumps the battery voltage from the standard 288V up to 650V. Presumably this allows for more of a power boost from the hybrid system on the LS600.

[Source: Denso]

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