Surprise! Though I wasn't around three years ago when Autoblog first went live, I imagine requests to update the site's design began almost immediately. Admittedly our little blog has never been the flashiest automotive news site on the internet, but the design was simple and unobtrusive, which put all the attention on the 19,542 posts we've written since our initial launch.

We're certainly not ones to change our site on a whim. We've been working on Autoblog's new look for over six months, tweaking this design and changing that function to improve the reader's experience as much as possible. There are many new functions and features, most having to do with our already excellent high-resolution gallery system. After introducing the galleries last December, we listened to every suggestion for improving them you've offered and tried to incorporate as many possible. We also have new modules near the top of the page highlighting both Feature Posts and Breaking News that deserve more face time with our readers than the normal blog format allows. Those are just a few of the many new features available now and that we'll be activating as the week goes on. We'll be sure to bring each to your attention as they're made available.

Rest assured we'll still be doing the same thing we do every day: obsessively covering the auto industry. That's just what we do, except now we'll look better doing it.

We know this is quite a shock, but we're just getting started and have another huge surprise to announce later in the day. Until then, take the new Autoblog for a test drive and let us know what you think in the comments.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Autoblog Team

PS: We have a list of minor bugs we're aware of and are working quickly to correct, so if something seems wrong or out of place, it will soon be set right!

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