We sure do love you guys around here, our readership I mean. Without you, there wouldn't be much point to writing all of this stuff, now would there? But, let's be honest... we don't quite have the number of viewers that ABC news has with their show "Nightline". Yet. But, we're willing to put our reporting up against anybody's! But, back to the story at hand.

Being that so many people are tuned in at night for the national news, running a seven-minute-long segment on Tesla Motors must really do a great job of introducing the marque to people who may not have been aware of them. So, in that regard, this video might be worth watching, just so you know what John Q. Public knows about Tesla Motors. But, let me warn you, there probably isn't much in this video that you, as an AutoblogGreen reader don't already know. Hope you enjoy it anyway, even if it is just to catch some more footage of the car in motion and the bits underneath.

[Source: YouTube via Hugg]

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