Spy Shots: 2009 Ford F-150

Development of the next generation F150 is running flat out in anticipation of the pickup's 2009 debut. The program has progressed to the point of wheeling prototypes of different cab and bed configurations around Detroit Rock City. The spy shot ninjas at KGP snagged some really clear pictures of the new trucks dressed in Tempur-Pedic livery. It's not a shock that Ford's keeping the future of their biggest seller under tight wraps, with acres of foam and custom dash covers hiding much of the new interior.
From what we can glean by examining the pictures, there's a new three-bar grille, and the headlights look reminiscent of what's on the Expedition, but larger. The bed looks really tall, but that's likely a ruse created with foam. The interior looks comfortable and accomodating, just like the current F150s furnishings, and we'll have to wait until we can try one before we pass judgement on materials and fit and finish. The truck wars are currently at a fever pitch, and we're anticipating it to only heat up within the next year and a half. Rumor has it that the new F150 might roll out in about six months at the North American International Auto Show. If it does, the Tundra/GMT900/FSeries Battle Royale will make for some very good trucks from all sides, and it will be entertaining to watch the brands beat eachothers brains out in advertising.

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