Researchers expect Chrysler sales to rise simply due to buyout

Carbuyers are such a fickle group. Chrysler learned that you can inundate them with all the cute ads, fashionable promotions, and corporate celebrities you've got, only to see sales stagnate and even decline. But CNW Market Research says the way to greater sales is to just throw yourself a little multi-billion-dollar buyout.

CNW's research indicates that consumers see the Cerberus buy as a good thing for the company, and, again according to the numbers, people would rather be on the winning team, buying their new cars from a well-off carmaker with a rosy future. CNW says just because of the perceived benefits of the Chrysler purchase, the company might see as much as a 4.4% uptick in sales.

We wonder if those same car shoppers will have such a positive image of Chrysler after Cerberus begins its expected restructuring to cut company overhead. The potential bad-pr backlash from seeing thousands of autoworkers lose their jobs just might erase any gains from becoming a more stable company.

[Source: Advertising Age]

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