Well funded amateurs, your steed has arrived: Mustang Challenge

Fortunately or unfortunately, racing is not a cheap endeavor. No matter the series, it's all too easy to drop your life savings, your kid's college fund and any hope of making it to fiscal freedom if you've got the bug. For those willing to risk it all, the Mustang Challenge gives aspiring racers the opportunity to test their abilities in the wail of V8-powered, wheel-to-wheel combat.

The Miller Park Racing Association (MPRA) has setup the Mustang Challenge to allow amateurs to compete in a 14-race series that will be held at the Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele Valley, Utah.

For a grand total of $55,000, aspiring racers can purchase a modified Mustang GT, lightened by 330 pounds and sporting a revised intake, exhaust, braking, steering and suspension systems, along with a functional aero kit, prerequisite safety equipment and a data acquisitioning system. For those on the lower end of the economic spectrum, these modded 'Stangs will also be available for rent for practice sessions or on a per-race basis.

The Challenge will make its debut during the Magic of Miller Celebrity race over the Utah Grand Prix weekend. If someone needs a pit crew on their inaugural run, hit us up. A few of us have the chops and would love to live vicariously through a well-to-do reader.

[Source: Motorsport.com]

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