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A long time ago in a parking lot far, far away...

If you figured that Tattooine's Tosche Station -- where whiny young Luke Skywalker goes to score fresh power converters -- was some crappy little remote outpost, you're wrong. This is made clear in the Tyler Soper-directed Incident at Toshi Station we've embedded after the jump. In actuality, Tosche Station is just another big-box store with parking problems -- likely the result of shady backroom dealing by evil, credit-hungry Imperial real estate developers. It tells the story of one AT-AT driver's leviathan effort to move his rig out of the Tosche Station parking lot without fanfare and without causing excessive damage to the surrounding cars. It's not gonna happen. You laughing, on the other hand, is pretty much a lock. Enjoy.

[Source: Atom Films via Jalopnik]

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