Rendered Speculation: 2009 Audi A4

AudiWorld has confirmed with sources at Audi that the next generation A4 will indeed debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show in about four months. Not surprisingly, the new A4 will share much of its look with the recently released A5 coupe. These renderings by Matt Daniels show what basically look like four-door versions of the A5. The cars have a charachter line along the side sheetmetal that bows upward over the slightly flared fenders. The line appears on the A5 and is one element that has certainly softened the Audi design language a bit, and we think it works just as well on the A4.

Just as the A5 benefitted from what Audi calls its Modular Longitudinal Platform, so too will the A4 be set atop a chassis that moves the engine and transmission farther back, allowing designers to push the front wheels out further and reduce Audi's infamous amount of front overhang. Thus, the A4's wheelbase will increase dramatically while the overall length budges only an inch. That extra wheelbase length will also add a much needed 1-inch improvement in rear legroom, as well. The new A4 will also get more LED lighting technology than any other Audi besides the trick R8. LED taillamps will be standard, while LED daytime running lights will be optional on some models and standard on the S4.

More can be found after the jump, and click the Read link to view more renderings of the 2009 Audi A4.

[Source: Audi World]

While the A4's engine range is not expected to change much, the entire model lineup will be altered to accept new models entering Audi's portfolio. For instance, the A4 and S4 Cabriolet will be axed in favor of the A5 and S5 drop tops, while some speculate the A4 and S4 Avants might make way for the new Q5 CUV, though it could be argued an Avant and CUV are different enough to support their own set of sales numbers. Either way, the new A4 and its many models will be the most capable ever produced by Audi.

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