Chrysler group looks to Metaldyne low-emission exhaust manifolds for PZEV vehicles

Being cut from the Daimler family doesn't mean Chrysler isn't moving forward on their green auto initiatives. One announcement from the Chrysler Group this past week is that the company has chosen Metaldyne for a multi-year contract for "environmentally-friendly exhaust manifolds for future vehicle platforms." It's not a new li-ion battery contract or something earth-shaking, but it's something.

The lower-emission manifolds are intended to help Chrysler vehicles meet PZEV (Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle) requirements in states that follow California's emission standards. Metaldyne is a subsidary of Asahi Tec. By heating the catalytic converter quickly, exhaust gases mix faster in the manifold's single-wall design. There is also "a secondary air system that injects ambient air back into the cylinder head during cold start conditions. The ability to mix the exhaust gases at a higher rate and the use of the air injection system reduces emissions when a driver starts his or her vehicle," as Metaldyne puts it.


Source: Metaldyne

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