A Corvette sedan? Lutz not opposed to the idea

Ok, ok. Breathe slowly and relax. Just because Bob Lutz isn't opposed to a four-door Corvette, doesn't mean GM will build a four-door Corvette. But they might. There you go again with the hyperventilating. Just chill.

Sure, Porsche built an SUV and will soon have their own super-sedan, but it doesn't mean GM must challenge them. But they might. Panic attack? Hang on, we'll join you.

Ahhh. Much better now.

Speaking with Rick Kranz, product editor of Automotive News, Bob Lutz admired what Porsche had done with their brand, extending it past sports cars to "coupes, convertibles, crossovers" and the upcoming Panamera . Then Lutz says, "You could do the same thing with the Corvette."

Oh, now I feel lightheaded. Gotta sit down a second.

Kranz says, and we quote directly from his column, "
But since the Panamera sedan is bound to be a home run -- ditto for the four-door Rapide -- there must be a market for a Corvette sedan... Memo to Bob, Ed (Wellburn) and Tom (Wallace): Build it!"

How about this? Memo to Bob, Ed and Tom: Before you go messing with success, ask Ford why the Vette is still in production, and the T-bird isn't.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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