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More on green cars from The Union of Concerned Scientists

I imagine that if you were to ask just about anybody on the street what car manufacturers they think of when you say green cars, the answer would most often be Toyota. Honda would be my guess as the second most often heard manufacturer. That could change if GM does in fact produce the Volt, or maybe not if Honda produces their new hybrid and Toyota continues to refine their Prius. I don't imagine that Honda or Toyota are just waiting for competition from other companies either. Well, if I am right about people's perceptions regarding Honda and Toyota, they are backed up by The Union of Concerned Scientists. As we have mentioned before, Honda has won the award of the greenest manufacturer of automobiles a few years running now. According to Treehugger, the award is not just based on their fleets of vehicles, but on all of their manufacturing facilities and overall practices.

[Source: The Union of Concerned Scientists via Treehugger]

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