Man protests parking fine with pooch's poo

Joshua Steven Solberg of Austin, Minn., is charged with disorderly conduct for putting, uh, well, dog doo, in an envelope along with the payment for his parking citation. Police say he then dropped the foul-smelling package in the fee payment drop box at the Law Enforcement Center. An office employee later discovered the envelope (fairly quickly, we guess) while going through the drop box contents. She claims liquid leaking from the envelope contaminated her hands and desk and caused her to misse work due to an illness she blames on the fecal-laced fine.
Police went to chat with Mr. Soldberg, who admitted adding the bonus material to his payment because he was upset. Pissed, we'd say.

All of us who have paid our speeding taxes and parking dues know what it feels like to write that check, but still, we also know not to include our names, driver's license numbers and home addresses when including dog poop in the envelope.

[Source Rochester, Minn. Post-Bulletin via AP]

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