Nissan opens a new technology center in Japan, tests new batteries

Much has been said regarding lithium ion batteries throughout the last twelve months or so. Most of what has been said is that automakers need to invest research, development, time and money into them to be sure that they are reliable and ready for mass consumption. Along with that mass consumption should come pretty large price decreases. In theory at least, until all that testing is done. What type of testing are we talking about here? Well, besides the standard battery (pun intended... sorry) of tests such as power-cycling, power-draining, charging and the like, there are vibration, high heat and freezing cold temperatures to consider. This type of testing is taking place for Nissan at their new technology center in Japan. Remember that Nissan recently announced that they have partnered with NEC to produce lithium ion batteries for themselves and for other automakers, should they be interested. Expect these batteries, assuming they pass the tests, in upcoming Nissan hybrid models which will not be using technology licensed from Toyota.


[Source: Detroit News]

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