Hybrids on top of the ten best eco fuel technologies

BusinessCar, a website dedicated to helping businesses get the most for their money when they buy or lease vehicles, has hashed out the pros and cons of ten green automotive technologies. After all the calculations, they've decided that hybrids are the current best choice. The editors say they "judged on emissions (that's all of them, and not just tailpipe CO2), fuel economy, tax benefits, availability and long-term viability – and then crowned a winner."

The list was drawn up with the UK (especially the availability of, say, biofuels or pure electric vehicles) and the needs of businesses in mind, so don't assume it can be easily transplanted to other locations. I'm kind of surprised to see hydrogen and fuel cells beating modern petrol at this stage of the game, but if anyone can make use of H2 vehicles right now, it's businesses with fleets in traveling around a centralized fueling station.

You can read all of their reasons in the article itself, but here's the cheat sheet.

10. GTL (Gas to Liquid)
9. LPG
8. CNG
7. Modern petrol
6. Hydrogen engine
5. Fuel cell
4. Biofuels
3. Full electric
2. Modern diesel
1. Hybrid

How would you rank these technologies?

[Source: BusinessCar]

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