How much!? Gas prices shoot past Katrina-level records to new high

Not but two weeks ago, national gas price averages got to the $3 a gallon level, and the question was whether the summer gas peak had happened early or if we were looking at a record-high season for gas prices. Guess which one we can now confirm? If we take a look at the Energy Information Administration's gas price averages going back to 1983, it's clear that this week we're seeing the highest prices on record. Ever. Their average is $3.143 a gallon. The last time prices were close to that level was $3.117 back in September 2005 (right after Hurricane Katrina). The EIA creates their average using all grades of fuel. AAA's current average for regular-grade fuel is $3.103. So, how are we driving smarter now?

[Source: Energy Information Administration via Autoblog]

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