Ford Motor China is going into the eighth year of a program to try help clean up some of the notorious pollution in China. The annual Conservation & Environmental Grants China program will be providing funds and training to non-governmental organizations and community groups to encourage conservation and environmental awareness. This year they will be particularly focused on local and community level projects. This year they will have about $137,000 to distribute. The Ford press release is after the jump.


2007 Program Focuses on Environmental Protection at Local Communities

BEIJING, May 15, 2007 — Ford Motor China launched the eighth annual Conservation & Environmental Grants, China Program (CEGC) today, with a focus on encouraging community environmental protection to raise environmental awareness in China. Along with continuing programs in youth engagement and NGO training, this year's CEGC will unveil new Community Environmental Grants for fostering environmental projects in local communities.

Mei-Wei Cheng, Chairman and CEO of Ford Motor ( China) Ltd., announced the set up of a new category for Community Environmental Grants. "CEGC hopes to provide grants to those creative projects focused on community environmental protection." Mei-Wei Cheng said, "CEGC has been constantly evolving ever since its first year of our program, in order to not only stay in step with changing developments in environment protection and conservation, but also to help focus public attention on environment protection efforts in China."

Starting its eighth year, the 2007 CEGC is adopting a new theme of "Creating Green and Harmonious Communities Together". Raising community awareness and enthusiasm for environmental protection, as well as encouraging a community approach to conservation are major goals of the CEGC in 2007. Therefore, as a leading corporate citizen, Ford Motor China is establishing the Community Environmental Grants to support active participation and raise environmental awareness in local communities.

"Mobilizing and leveraging community participation is a great direction for the CEGC this year," said Professor Qu Geping who's known as 'Father of Environmental Protection in China', "I believe the concept of community-centered environment protection is going to be a driving force for China's environment protection in the future years"

Carrying forward last year's efforts to engage young people, the CEGC is encouraging university students to take part in community action projects. By working with and participating in real-life community projects, university students will be able to find practical applications for their environmental studies.

Specialized training for grassroots NGOs, which began during last year's CEGC, will be expanded and diversified to meet the variety of environmental challenges facing local NGOs. Training sessions will be organized in China's northeast, northwest, and southern regions, where local NGOs will share practical experiences and work with environmental experts, global NGO leaders, and business executives to create localized solutions for China's unique environmental issues.

With RMB1.05 million in cash grants, this year's CEGC is recognizing the efforts and achievements of organizations and individuals who have made significant contributions in three categories - "Natural Environment Protection", "Environmental Education", and "Community Environmental Grants".

Beginning in 2000, the CEGC has been awarding cash grants totaling 7.05 million yuan to organizations and individuals to promote initiatives and participation in projects that improve local environments, protect natural heritage, and conserve natural resources in China. A total of 113 organizations and individuals have been awarded grants from the CEGC over the past seven years, with another 40 receiving honorable mention.

The CEGC has been recognized by Chinese government and experts as the most influential business-operated environmental program in China. Now with more than seven years of experience, the CEGC is turning its focus to community environmental protection and NGO supports.

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