Thus spoke Bob: Lutz's interview on Autoline Detroit

Remember when we told you that Autoline Detroit would be posting its interview with Bob Lutz online? While it's finally hit the web, and we have to say it was worth the wait. We specifically were interested in hearing Lutz's response to a question posed by GMInsideNews member Ming, who wanted to know what Bob's reaction was to the lukewarm reception of the Buick Supers ( LaCrosse and Lucerne) in the states compared to the puddles of drool that formed next to the rear-wheel-drive, Zeta-based Buick Park Avenue shown at the Shanghai Auto Show.
Lutz explains that the Buick Supers amount to an additional trim level and new powertrain in the case of the LaCrosse. They were brought out just to generate some interest in Buick's sedans, which are midway through their product cycle. Concerning the rear-wheel-drive, Zeta-based Park Avenue, Lutz is quick to point out that it's not the "Chinese Park Avenue", but rather should be referred to as the "Holden Park Avenue". Apparently about four-years back, the current front-wheel-drive Lucerne and what would become the "Holden Park Avenue" were shown to dealers in the U.S. The dealers insisted they didn't need both sedans in the showroom, and the FWD Lucerne got the nod. Lutz leaves the door open for the Park Avenue being sold here in the U.S., however, saying that it could be imported and sold as Buick's flagship, something which the brand has gone without for some time.

Finally, Lutz also reveals that the SLS, or long-wheelbase Cadillac STS that will be sold in China is not coming to the U.S. Changes in side impact legislation have made it so that the SLS would need to be heavily reengineered to be sold in America, and there's not enough time left in the product cycle of the STS to cover the costs.

You can check out the complete interview by watching last week's episode of Autoline Detroit on the show's website. Some Mac owners, like myself, may have trouble viewing the video, and can listen to the interview by clicking here.

[Source: Autoline Detroit]

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