Japan: Nissan Murano Stylish Silver Leather Encore edition

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Dressing up US-market imports to look like their JDM counterparts is nothing new. It's just a relatively easy way to give a ride a different look that's still "stock" at its core. The Infiniti G35 is a good example, as we've seen a few very nicely done Skylineizations that visually transform the car into the Japan-market Nissan. The changes are usually subtle -- badging and maybe a couple of trim differences -- but they're enough to make the car stand out to observers in the know.

Nissan is apparently aware enough of this that it's going to tap into that sentiment for one of its new JDM Murano offerings. This week, the automaker unveiled the Murano Stylish Silver Leather Encore, whose amusingly lengthy name refers to its grey leather seating surfaces with aluminum trim bits (the Stylish Silver), which makes a return to Japan after appearing in limited numbers last year (hence the Encore). The cherry on top for the crossover's Japanese buyers is likely the polished, stylish, and very silver USDM grille, which is unavailable on any other JDM Murano. Nissan doesn't give a number for how many of these it's going to build, but the Stylish Silver package is a popular one that has appeared on a variety of models over time.

We're just left pondering the image of a Japanese mom telling all her friends about her new Murano with its mad-bitchin' US-look mug...

[Source: Nissan]

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