Is Ford dropping Fiesta name for new global B-car?

For a few weeks now, we've been saying we expect Ford to bring the Fiesta to the U.S. when the company's new global B-car arrives sometime in late 2009. But hold the phones. Just-Auto (subs req'd) says today that the Fiesta name may be dropped in favor of one of the following four: Genesis, Isis, Cuga or Phoenix. J-A says Ford is checking to see what other companies have claims on these names, and will likely use one of them for the vehicle.

Does it really matter what name this car has? I think that because the car will be the most global of any in Ford's history, and the Fiesta name is popular around the globe, a bit of unity wouldn't be a bad thing. Unfortunately, in the U.S., where Ford Fiesta sounds a bit like Ford Festiva. I guess if 70-85 percent of the parts are the same around the world, a different name badge is pretty easy to do.

[Source: Just-Auto via Autoblog]

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