New Wiseman milk trucks powered by diesel, LNG in the UK

Two dairy tractor units are cruising delivery routes in NW England and Scotland carrying three main liquids: milk, diesel and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). The trucks can be powered by two of those three fuels and the driver could be powered by the other. Robert Wiseman Dairies, a large fresh liquid milk processor in the UK, recently took delivery of the two DAF Dual-FuelTM gas/diesel trucks from Clean Air Power and, if the statement from CAP can be believed, they're quite happy with the performance thus far. These are heavy-duty, heavy-use vehicles, operating at 38 tons GVW, driving about 100,000 miles per year.

In 2000, Wiseman tested LNG-only trucks, but is having better results with the dual-fuel system. Drivers say the engine is quieter when using gas, and diesel provides reliable backup for the operators. While the test only involves these two trucks, the number could soon grow. Wiseman operates about 1,250 trucks and will make future purchasing decisions after the six-month trials are over.

[Source: Clean Air Power]

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