KW thinks it can make the Porsche GT3 stick better

The new 911 GT3 has been praised as the finest iteration of the iconic coupe to ever come out of Stuttgart. And it's easy to see why. Lightweight components matched with an overly engineered powerplant and a superior suspension all conspire to make this 911 a perfect balance between track terror and daily driver. But KW thinks they can improve upon that last bit.

The aftermarket suspension wizards have developed a coilover setup, available in three specs, that allows users to modify the damping settings and ride height to strike a balance between optimal road-holding ability, safety and comfort.

Three flavors are available: V1, V2 and V3, each offering a range of adjustability. The V1 is the tamer setup, reducing ride height, but still offering a compliant ride. The V2 and V3 expand upon the fine-tuning capabilities, with the V3 allowing a drop of 20mm and geared towards more technically adept drivers.

You can check out KW's full line of components by following the 'Read' link below, and their full press release is posted after the jump.

[Source: KW Automotive GmbH]


Like its predecessors before, the updated Porsche GT3 sets the benchmarks when it comes to race performance. But KW managed to improve the GT3's handling by developing its coilover suspension V3 for this swabian sports car. The KW coilover suspension V3 permits an individual lowering of the car between 0-20mm.

Coilover suspension V1 with preset damper setting permits customised lowering of the suspension and creates an optimised balance of sportiness, comfort and safety. Damping variant V2 is the ideal system for sporty drivers, who also wish to make modifications in the set-up to achieve a more customised lowering of the suspension. Thanks to the adjustable rebound damping, it is possible to adapt the driving comfort to suit the driver's personal taste.

With its separately adjustable pressure and rebound damping functions, coilover suspension V3 permits an even higher degree of customisation to the suspension and provides the perfect solution for those truly technically demanding drivers.

All KW coilover suspensions are produced in the unique stainless steel "inox line" technology. This assures the extremely high quality and durability of the suspensions plus a long-lasting perfect finish to match.

Further information on the wide range of KW automotive GmbH covering springs, dampers, sport and coilvover suspensions is available on the Internet.

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