Japanese carmakers don't think they can meet EU CO2 standards

The gang in Detroit aren't the only carmakers who aren't thrilled by the prospect of some new regulations that will affect emissions and fuel economy. The Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association recently released their opinions of the EU proposal to restrict CO2 emissions to 130g/km. The members of JAMA don't think they can meet the requirements in the time-frame alloted. The combination of emissions, environmental and safety standards will make it hard to meet the new requirements.

New safety standards like the latest EuroNCAP crash tests, pedestrian safety requirements and others have increased the average weight of cars from Japanese manufacturers by 65 lbs between 1999 and 2005 and market forces for additional equipment have added another 155 lbs. The automakers have are pushing a more comprehensive approach the includes infrastructure improvements for better traffic flow, modified driving habits and technology improvements to make cars more efficient. The Japanese carmakers, particularly Nissan, are actively working on technology like vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communications to improve both safety and traffic flow.

[Source: JAMA]

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