Caparo T1 update: 200 HP per liter, no more supercharger

The folks over at Car procured a few shots of the Caparo T1 undergoing testing and have gleaned some interesting information about Gordon Murray's newest masterpiece.

First off, the road-going F1 car is living up to its ethos by ditching the supercharger and coming to the party with a naturally aspirated V8 that makes 700 HP and revs all the way to 10,200 RPM. A shot of the engine bay, although a bit cramped, reveals a mechanical masterpiece, complete with polished intake trumpets that are making the hair on the back of our neck stand up on end.

Naturally, the performance equation doesn't just revolve around the mid-mounted engine. Aluminum honeycomb, carbon fiber and a six-speed sequential box, made up of magnesium, contribute to the T1's epic accomplishments. Zero-to-60 times are in the 2.5 second range, while braking from 100 MPH comes in at a scant 8.5 seconds, courtesy of 355mm steel discs at all four wheels.

Deliveries are still expected to begin this summer, at a cost of £217,500. But for those of you (and us) attending this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed, you'll be able to see the T1 making the rounds during the show.

[Source: Car]

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