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2007 Michigan Vintage VW festival: All the air cooling you can stand

Click on the Karmann Ghia Cabriolet for huge high-res gallery of VeeDubs

If you're a fan of air-cooled VeeDubs, Ypsilant's Riverside Park was the place to be on Sunday. Perfect spring weather greeted at least a couple of hundred rear-engined Wolfsburg machines. The 2007 Michigan Vintage Volkswagen Festival saluted the fiftieth anniversary of the Karmann Ghia Cabriolet of which there were many shining and some not so shining examples.

Pretty much all the variations of the Type 1 (aka the Beetle), Type 2 (the MicroBus) and Type 3 (the 1960s sedans, coupes and wagons) VeeDubs were on hand along with a bunch of vendors selling all manner of parts. There were at least three Love Bugs on display including a convertible, several Things, Dune Buggies and Westfalia campers. One owner brought his perfectly original 1958 Beetle complete with skis on the back. Also present was a rare, fully restored Type III Karman Ghia coupe, and a MicroBus that had most of it's mid-section removed, but had a really cool looking bamboo interior. None of these cars would come close to passing muster in the modern automotive world, but it's good to see so many owners who still appreciate them and keep them running.

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