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It must be fast, look at all the stickers

From the too much time on his hands file, we bring you this unfortunately customized Renault Clio. The owner of this little French runabout has a serious sticker fetish, and a hankering for knicknacks, too. This car is just bristling with stuff and we're surpised that it passes any kind of safety inspection. The outside is covered in more logos than a race car with actual sponsors, and looking underhood reveals zip-tie mania. There's either a small nuclear plant providing electricity, or lots of little wiring additions to run the various lights, gauges, neon bulbs, Star Wars action figure shrines, whatever. At least we know that the United States is not the only place where people do asinine things to their cars. We can only imagine how all that schnokery rattles around when the big subwoofer's moving air. Yikes. Enough words, check out the gallery and let the images speak for themselves. Hide the children.

[Source: caradisiac]

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