How we roll in Bangkok: the Swarovski Crystal tuk-tuk

In a case of turning the mundane into modern art, Crystal Lounge in Bangkok has bathed a tuk-tuk in Swarovski crystals. For those of you who don't know, a tuk-tuk is a kind of motorized, covered pedicab. There's an entire tuk-tuk customizing culture in Bangkok, and if the look of a tuk-tuk isn't crazy enough, you can be sure the driver and the ride will be. The sample you see here is just for display at Crystal Lounge -- actually, the Crystal Lounge Cafe/Restaurant/Jewelry Boutique/Cocktail Lounge -- which gives a range of items the same treatment. Their gallery also has a Harley Davidson given the same crystal bath. In light of the uncontrolled chaos that is Bangkok traffic, we wouldn't expect to see either one of them on the road.

Thanks for the tip, Austin!

[Source: Jetsetr]

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