Green Star completes first phase of algae biodiesel demonstration

Green Star Products has finished the first phase of testing of an algae biodiesel pond in Montana. The first pond contains 40,000 liters of water but doesn't contain any algae yet. This phase involved controlling the water temperature, pH, evaporation and salinity. Green Star has combined some elements of a closed bioreactor system with a low-cost open pond setup. The first pond was assembled in under twelve hours. The enclosed pond was able to maintain water temperatures of at least 64°F even when outside temperatures dipped as low as 34°F, warm enough to maintain optimum algae growth. In the next phase they will be adding algae to the system to test growth. This design could provide for a very low cost way of growing algae which may well prove to be one of the most efficient and economical biofuel feedstocks.

[Source: Green Star USA via Green Car Congress]

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