Don't vote party lines in '08, vote brand loyalty

Based on what most of our presidential candidates have said so far, it's too early to tell what sets them apart. So if we can't learn anything from what they say, maybe we can glean ideas on their governance from what they drive. Of thirteen candidates noted, seven Democrats have nine cars, and six Republicans also have nine cars. Of those 18 cars, five are hybrids -- three of them domestic hybrids. There are 7 SUV's (well, 6 and a Jeep Wrangler). Mitt Romney, estimated to be the richest candidate, is the only Republican on the list with a Ford product, and that's a Mustang. Barak Obama, who recently chastised American automakers about fuel economy, drives a 300C. It is Joe Biden (D), though, that we really want to know about: he drives a 1967 Corvette. Can somebody get Mr. Biden on the phone, please?

[Source: GM Inside News]

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