Wind power has some definite advantages as an energy source, being readily available and infinitely renewable and definitely pollution free. It's also increasingly popular with 3,000 MW of new wind powered generating capacity being installed in the Unites States in 2007. That's enough power to feed 750,000-900,000 homes. Two thirds of the new capacity is being installed in Texas which is making a major push into wind power with the 2,000 MW being added there enough to displace 3 million tons of CO2 annually.

Of course course even wind isn't the perfect energy source. Wind turbines depend on the air actually moving in order to produce electricity, and unlike the water flowing through a dam wind tends to be less than continuous. That means that the energy needs to be stored for downtimes. When the wind does blow, the turbines spin and anything moving through the path of the blades tends to meet an untimely demise. As more wind turbines are put up more birds and bats are getting killed.

[Source: American Wind Energy Association]

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