VIDEO: Honda goes mental with Hondamentalism

Every automaker has its own subset of dedicated enthusiasts, with varying levels of obsessive behavior. Honda is no different. Take away the misinformed ricers, and Honda's racing heritage stands alone in a sea of commuter-infused mediocrity.

In order to recognize the Big H's engineering prowess and its motorsports legacy, Honda has launched a new ad campaign in the UK that focuses on the automaker's obsessive compulsive attention to detail. Dubbed Hondamentalism, the idea is to forge a link between its racing successes and its consumer vehicles – hardly a new concept – but the way it's presented deserves a look. The new spot, posted after the jump, will give you a feel for the campaign as a whole, albeit in a somewhat melodramatic, Aphex Twin-influenced creative.

You can get your head into the campaign by heading over to the Hondamentalism website, and you can check out a brief run down on what the Red H is all about here.

[Source: Honda]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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