Top Gear involved in crash of only Koenigsegg CCXR in existence

The Top Gear crew has been behind some pretty spectactular crashes in recent history. Need we remind you of Richard Hammond's jet car crash that nearly took his life? Then there was reportedly an Enzo that got hit by a bus two years ago on its way to a photo shoot. The Stig even took a Koenigsegg CCX off road at the test track last year. Thanks to some less than safe driving by a senior engineer at Koenigsegg, we can now add another Koenigsegg to the list, the extremely rare Koenigsegg CCXR.

To refresh your memory, the CCXR runs on biofuel, B85 to be exact, which gives it more power than even the CCX. The CCXR is one of the few production cars in the world, as a matter of fact, that officially produces over 1,000bhp. It makes 1,018 bhp, and all that power was working against Koenigsegg's senior engineer when he attempted to take a blind right hand curve at over 120 mph and hit a highway cone. He and Peter Grunert, a member of the Top Gear team along for the ride, were spun around like a top before coming to rest again on the CCXR's scraped belly. Grunert tells us what he remembers over at Top Gear's website, which includes "One of the exotic, lightweight wheels with magnesium spokes bolted to a carbon-fibre rim had completely shattered," and "Behind us were the longest tyre marks I have ever seen: 265 metres of pirouetting rubber."

At least in this instance a Top Gear employee wasn't behind the wheel and can't claim responsibility for reducing the world's population of exotics by yet another vehicle. And truth be told, while the CCXR that bit it was the only one in existence, Koenigsegg is reportedly planning to offer owners of the regular CCX the ability to upgrade their cars to accept the biofuel.

Click th Read link to read Top Gear's harrowing account of the crash and see more pics of the wreckage.

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[Source: Top Gear]

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