Tesla engineer writes about maximizing range

Andrew Simpson is a Vehicle Systems Engineer at Tesla Motors and he is charged with squeezing every last mile of range out of the new Roadster. Andrew just put up a post on the Tesla blog where he talks about the challenge of creating the longest range electric vehicle to date. As we all know CEO Martin Eberhard recently announced that the official range estimate of the Roadster had been cut by almost twenty percent as a result of engineering changes made during the development process.

When creating mathematical models for a simulation, it's almost impossible to account for every possible variable and some assumptions have to be made. Once a model is created, it has to be validated against real data to judge its accuracy. Since this is Tesla's first car they had to create all their simulation models from scratch and had no data to validate against until prototypes were ready to be tested. Part of Simpson's job is to use actual vehicle data to improve those models and insure that future estimates are more accurate. To find out more about some of the design decisions the Tesla team made, check out Andrew's post.

[Source: Tesla Motors]

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