Is it coming or going? Dual-nosed Escalimo

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The first thing to cross our minds when we clicked the link to sent in by an intrepid tipster was, "Holy crap." We think it's a perfectly logical reaction to the white monument to the bizarre you see above. The WeirdTruck folks did it by grafting together the cabs from a pair 1998 Chevy 3500-series trucks, one of which actually contains the 5.7L Vortec V8 that powers this...thing. The rear end is identifiable by its red-lensed "headlights" and the exhaust tip peeking through its lower "front" fascia. The interior is set up limo-style, sporting a big U-shaped bench, boomin' system, and video projector with 50-inch screen. Outside, a set of dubs and 1st-gen Escalade conversion kits for both front ends complete the look. It's for sale, and the builders say that it's a sure-fire attention-getter. No arguments here.

Thanks to Jeffrey for the tip!


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