Honda to let individuals test FCX in 2008; plans cheaper hybrid in 2009

Click photo for Autoblog Green's FCX test drive.

At a demonstration of its FCX fuel cell concept in Los Angeles, Thursday, Honda confirmed what we reported in December: that they will have a limited number of FCXs on the ground for real-world testing in 2008. USA Today says Honda currently already has two FCX models leased to individuals for $500 month, but the company will add more next year. Honda claims the car gets the hydrogen equivalent of 68 mpg. For our money, we'll wait for the Sportwagen.

At the same event, Honda officials said they were also planning to sell a sub-$25k hybrid within two years to slot below the current Civic hybrid. They said the budget hybrid wouldn't look like other Hondas, claiming current Civic hybrid's sales were outnumbered by the uniquely-designed Prius.

Read about Autoblog Green's November test drive of the FCX here.

[Source: USA Today]

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