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We heard rumblings from the underground that ROUSH was considering expanding its line of high-performance parts to vehicles not wearing the Blue Oval badge, and today the company that Jack built made it official. After 12 years of offering parts only for Fords, ROUSH Performance will begin offering parts for GM vehicles for the first time. The first two products include the ROUSH Power Programmers for GM trucks (shown right) and Cold Air Intake Kits. Soon exhaust systems, suspension components and other parts will be offered, as well. Even the ROUSHcharger supercharger system will be made available for the 2007-2008 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups.

Though the ROUSH name has been synonomous with Ford vehicles, particularly the Mustang and F-150, the move to expand its product lineup to other manufacturers only makes sense. ROUSH has been doing engineering work for General Motors and even DaimlerChrysler for some time, so we wouldn't be surprised to find out Chrysler Group vehicles will be invited into the fold soon, too. And do we even dare speculate about the possibility of ROUSH one day offering its own version of the Camaro?

Check out the official press release from ROUSH after the jump.

[Source: ROUSH]



LIVONIA, Mich. (May 11, 2007) - For the first time in the history of ROUSH Performance, the company is expanding into the General Motors line of autos and trucks. Up to this point, ROUSH Performance has been strictly devoted to the design, manufacture and distribution of high-performance products for Ford-based vehicles.

"This is a momentous announcement for our company," stated Joe Thompson, general manager of ROUSH Performance. "For the past 12 years we have exclusively offered Ford-based products. Our engineering and manufacturing divisions already do considerable work for General Motors as well as DaimlerChrysler so the time was right for us to put this expertise to use for ROUSH Performance. The brand name is synonymous with high-quality products that perform as advertised and come with the best warranty program in the industry. All these traits will be incorporated into products we develop for GM vehicles and other brands as we continue the expansion of our line."

The initial GM products are ROUSH Power Programmers and Cold Air Intake Kits which were developed by the same engineering group which has had so much success in adding horsepower and performance to the Ford line for so many years.

The ROUSH Power Programmers are handheld units which can easily plug into the truck to increase horsepower and torque, change the transmission shift points and firmness, alter the top speed or engine RPM limiter, adjust the speedometer for tire and gear ratio changes and a host of other adjustments.. These ROUSH Power Programmers have a suggested retail price of $499.99 are available for a wide range of GM cars and trucks including the Chevrolet Duramax, Corvette, GM Trucks, and many more 1999-2007 vehicles.

The ROUSH Cold Air Intake Kits are simple bolt-on additions that increase horsepower and torque. Installed in minutes, the Cold Air Intake Kits include all the necessary hardware and a high-flow filter that is protected from the heat of the engine by a ROUSH-designed cool air dam system. The filter is washable and re-usable, and the modular intake tube will wake up even the tamest of engines as it flows more air than the factory unit. The Cold Air Intake Kit considerably reduces pressure drop across the stock air box and filter element. It comes with a rotomolded airbox to seal to the hood to reduce leakage. Again, the bottom line is less loss equals more airflow which results in more power.

Through the remainder of 2007 the ROUSH Performance GM line will quickly expand to include exhaust systems, suspension components and other accessories. Those interested can visit www.ROUSHperformance.com to see all the new products as they are unveiled, or to verify that these new parts will work for your GM vehicle.

Furthermore, the ROUSH powertrain engineers are currently working on a new ROUSHcharger* which will fit the 2007-2008 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra.

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