Friday Humor: Show and shine... desert style!

Do you like to show off your ride? It's natural to be proud of your car, it is probably one of the most expensive items you own, so taking care of it is essential. And, since you are already taking care of it, why not shine it up the best you can? This explains why car shows have become a normal part of American culture. Motorcycle shows are popping up too. But, what if your method of transportation doesn't have four, three or even two wheels? How about four feet? That's right... in some parts of the world animals are still used as a primary method of getting from one place to another. And when those destinations are separated by a desert, well, there is no better animal than a camel. And, if you are justifiably proud of your camel, why not show him or her off? Check here for a real-life example of this exact thing. Enjoy, but be ready to duck, 'cause although not likely to leak, I hear that they spit.

[Source: National Geographic]

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