Crusing in Style: a new scooter and minicar book

I'm pretty sure that the majority of us would like to cruise in style. Whether that style gives off the image that we love high-performance, high utility or high economy, whatever we choose to ride or drive says something about us. A Camry tells other people that you value reliability and resale value, while a Corvette tells people that you like to be seen, and be seen going fast. What does a scooter say? That depends on who you ask, as some people, mostly men, wouldn't want to be seen dead on one. Or, others may think of the "Mod" craze from long ago. Whatever others think, you can rest assured that it is costing you less to get where you are going than them!

If you are interested in the history of how scooters and microcars got to where they are now, check out this new book. Did you think that the Smart car was the first of its kind? Not even close! That trail was blazed years ago by BMW, Fiat, Mini, Messerschmitt and many more. I have not yet read it, but I will. Maybe you should too!

[Source: Veloce Publishing]

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